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❝ You were better, deeper
I was under your spell
Like a deadly fever, babe
On the highway to hell.

If you want it, take it,
I should have said it before.
Tried to hide it, fake it,
I can't pretend anymore.

This is the part when I say I don't want you
I'm stronger than I've been before.
This is the part when I break free
'Cause I can't resist it no more. ❞
hyunaginger asked: can you make a tutorial on this edit /post/83023002295#?w=350

I am making this tutorial based on Photoshop CS3.

Well I won’t talk about editing picture from the beginning. Skip to the step where we put the gif onto the picture.

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Anonymous asked: Hello if you have time can you pls do a guide thing for selective colors? like your own tips and tricks? bc i try to read about it on several sites but idk it doesnt really help me or something? :)

Some editors use Selective Color, some doesn’t. If you like the colors the way they are in the picture, then I guess you don’t find it useful to use Selective Color since you are already satisfied with what you have. But I don’t. Honestly saying, all the pictures seem lack of brightness and color with an unnecessary amount of contrast to me. I pay attention on the skin and hair color a lot. I always get paranoid when the skin is purple like this. I want everything to be lively in red, yellow and brown. The colors must pop out. That explains why I find it a must to use Selective Color all the time. Honestly saying I don’t know if I should call what I am going to explain tips and tricks because the tool works the way it works, I just happen to be able to make the use out of it.

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Anonymous asked: omggg, your edits are so pretty, how do you edit this post /post/81912653345


Okay it’s going to be long but anyway here we go.


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Anonymous asked: Hello! Can you tell me how to know that a picture can be edited?

I’ll tell you how it is from my point of view.

1) Resolution: it’s better and easier to edit a high-definition photo (more than 1000 pixels width & height is best)

2) The layout of the photo: I’d prefer photos with a clear layout, with the focus on one person or two only, and a clear background. That’s why I said to blur the background as much as possible because too many people in the background will create distraction and thereby ruin the edits. It’s best to either choose photos with clear layout, or to blur the background.

3) Skin color & the color of the whole photo: I prefer colorful photos, that’s why I like editing photos which are taken on casual occasions (airport, outdoor, rehearsal, etc.) because they will wear more fashionably and naturally. I don’t really like to edit photos when they wear suits or during performance unless the stage outfit is pretty (like this).

4) Sharpness/Smoothness: it’s easy to tell if the photo was retouched by the original uploader or not. If the photo was denoised and sharpened already, I don’t want to edit it anymore.

I’m becoming more and more picky lately. It depends on your own instinct and experiences with editing so don’t take too much of my opinions into consideration.

Anonymous asked: could you pretty please say how you made the chanyeol picture so smooth perfect heavenly like all of your other edits? mine always come out too sharp or too blurry i dont know S: yours are sharp but they look smooth ♥

Usually, these are the steps.

Filter > Sharpen > Smart Sharpen

***remember to choose More Accurate at the bottom

Usually it’s my sharpening settings. For some other photos you can increase the amount to 500% at max.

If it’s still too sharp, duplicate your background layer (your original photo layer), set its opacity to 20% (or depending), then Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur > Radius: 0.5 pixels.

***by doing this, you have a blurry layer above your sharpened layer, it will decrease the sharpness of the photo.